About The Rundown

About The Rundown

A 12-Hour Live Streaming Global Event

This event was originally created as a way to display the various offerings of the IBNX Radio Network and our #TeamIBNX. The event was launched in 2016 and held at the studio as well as various locations in the Atlanta area. The day featured special guest performances, interviews, trivia games and more! Since the first event, we have added opportunities for non-team member talent and brands to partake in the event placing them in front of an instant global audience! The upcoming event will take place on location and has various opportunities to participate virtually.

The Rundown is presented to you by The IBNX Radio Network and our Indie Only station #IndieNX101. The network has multiple stations and featured programming to include Morning Coffee Swig and The Sheryl Underwood Show. Returning on August 21st, 2021, this event will be held from 11am - 11pm live on multiple stations on the network, as well as, streamed live on Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. All interviews and performances will also be posted to all the major podcast platforms via "The NXLevel Show".

Why Participate in the rundown

Get in front of our 500K+ Audience

As a network, we are able to provide the opportunity for talent and brands to be seen and heard by a global audience. Being that we are a digial radio, visual and podcast platform, we are able to provide you with a local and global presence instantly!

As an event sponsor or vendor participating in this event, you get a glimpse of the network advertising benefits. We offer competitive advertising rates and even produce your commercials for you! As talent, you are exposed to a new audience base which may convert into fans for you!

The opportunities available for The Rundown include - Sponsorships, Vendor Placement, Interviews and Performances. All of these opportunities can be on location or virtual! Take hold of this opportunity for additional exposure by registering today to be a part of this global live streaming event!

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Rundown Participation Options Available

Here are the options available for the rundown. The Registration form is below the options. Please complete the form and select the options you desire within the form. Once your order is complete, a rep will contact you to confirm the details of your submission and request any information needed to complete any of the offerings within your order.

**Media and Giveaway Sponsor options available for FREE! Simply complete the registration form!



Giveaway Participant - FREE


Interview Feature $25.00


Live Performance $100.00


Sponsor - Audio Only $25.00


Sponsor - Visual Only $50.00


Advertiser - 30 day Rundown Special $111.00


Vendor - On Location $100.00


Vendor – Virtual $75.00


MEDIA Sponsor - FREE


Giveaway Sponsor - FREE